Experienced Council At Large


Serving the Bluegrass as a three-term Council Member At-Large from 2003 to 2014. Seeking your vote on May 22, 2018.

Chuck Ellinger Bio

Leadership and Experience counts!

  • Three term Council Member At-Large from 2003-20014
  • Former Chair, Budget and Finance Committee
  • Served on several committees on the Council:
    • Social Services & Community Development
    • Planning and Public Works
    • Economic Development Committee of the Whole
    • Economic Development Investment Board
    • Salvation Army Advisory Committee
    • Lexington-Fayette Urban County Airport Board
    • Senior Intern Committee
    • National League of Cities’ Public Safety Crime Prevention Policy Committee
    • Mayor’s Task Force for the World Equestrian Games
    • Commission on Housing & Support Services
    • Town and Gown Commission
    • Greenspace Commission
    • UK/LFUCG Arboretum Advisory Committee
  • Kentucky Bar Association Member
  • Fayette County Bar Association Member
  • University of Kentucky Fellow
  • Outstanding Council Attendance Record
  • Avid Cyclist
  • Former Owner of Historic Rogers Restaurant

As your Council Person, Chuck Ellinger has and will continue to provide the Leadership and Experience that will ensure:

  • Basic services for ALL Fayette County citizens, including exceptional police and fire departments, improved stormwater and sanitary sewers, streets and roads.
  • Fiscally responsible spending of your tax dollars.
  • Strong working relationships among the City Government, the Business Community and the Universities; focusing on economic growth opportunities and jobs for all of our citizens.
  • City Government is open and accountable to all citizens.
  • Strong neighborhood involvement and encourage public input.
  • Traffic problems addressed with efficient, effective solutions.
  • Responsible growth and preservation of green spaces.
  • City Government works cooperatively with the School Board & Public School Administrators to help provide quality education.
  • Continued efforts to strengthen the vitality of downtown Lexington through the support of public/private partnerships.
  • Increased focus on tourism to enhance Lexington-Fayette County as a premier tourist destination.
Chuck Ellinger Downtown Lexington


Lexington Catholic High School


University of Kentucky

College of Law

1992 -2004

First Term Council At-Large

Leadership and Experience


Third Term Council At-Large

Leadership and Experience



Rollins College

Bachelors Degree in Political Science


Rogers Restaurant



Second Term Council At-Large

Leadership and Experience


Primary Vote May 22nd

Seeking to Serve Lexington Once Again as your Council Member At Large